Many of you will still not know clearly why Himalayan salt is better than other salt? This salt not only enhances the taste, but it is also considered less than a boon for health. Because it contains about 92 percent minerals, which are very beneficial for our body. So let's know about its benefits with Dr. Shakya.

Effective in controlling weight:

If you are gaining weight, then you can consume this salt to control weight, it also reduces muscle spasms by strengthening your muscles.

Swelling relief:

If you take this bath by taking this salt in water, then there is relief from swelling of bones and nerves. Along with this, it also removes itching and insomnia of the body.

Beneficial to sleep well:

To get a good night's sleep, put one spoon of Himalayan sea salt in 5 teaspoons of organic raw honey and put it in a glass pot and apply this mixture a little under your tongue every night before sleeping and give it a natural Allow to dissolve in form. By doing this every day, you will get very good sleep and you will also feel good.

Back Pain Relief:

This salt is considered to be very helpful in preventing back pain, swelling of feet, as well as maintaining the right balance of electrolytes in the body.

Relief from mouth related problems:

Oral health improves after rinse with this salt, if you are suffering from cold-cough then rinse with it provides relief from many problems related to the mouth.

Helpful in reducing stress:

Its intake is considered very helpful in reducing your stress. Along with this, it also gives you mental peace.

 Beneficial for the skin:

Himalayan salt contains minerals like magnesium, calcium, bromide, sodium etc. which are considered very beneficial for health and skin.

Migraine relief:

Pour 2 tablespoons of Himalayan crystal salt in a glass with lemon juice and mix well. Consuming it twice a week will give you instant relief from migraine.

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